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Chengdu IXING Biotechnology Co., Ltd.





公司拥有自主知识产权的“IXING POCT“技术平台,主打产品IXHOMO i120和IXHOMO i960是创新的均相化学发光POCT产品,具有完全自主知识产权,相对于传统化学发光技术,一方面免除了复杂的磁珠清洗步骤,另一方面也不需要加入昂贵的底物或发光启动试剂,除了具有传统化学发光方法灵敏度高、信号范围宽等优点,还具有非常优异的精密度。彻底颠覆传统POCT产品“快而不精、快而不准”的形象,引领POCT进入“精准”新时代!

Founded in 2013 by oversea scientists with rich R&D and management experience, Chengdu IXING Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (IXING) is a high-tech innovative IVD company focused on precise POCT technology platform and products. We have two R&D centers in Chengdu and Shanghai, respectively.

Our vision is "more innovation, more health". We believe our innovative technologies and products will contribute to the healthcare industry of China.

IXING has its own intellectual property for its "IXING POCT" platform. IXHOMO i120 and IXHOMO i960 are the innovative POCT products based on homogeneous chemiluminescence principle. And we have also applied for patents for our technologies and products. Compared to the traditional chemiluminescence technologies, on the one hand we don't need the expensive magnetic particles and substrates or trigger reagents, on the other hand washing steps are not required completely. So our customers can get not only high sensitivity but also an excellent precision easily. Our products will redefine POCT and lead POCT into "precision times".